Wednesday, April 4, 2012

confetti eggs

just another Easter egg craft...
nothing to exciting 
but the kids loved it
and i guess that is all that matters.
In November we did a very similar project here
i used cut up scrap paper, and glue
i had the older kids cut out their Easter eggs
then we squeezed a LOT of glue all over our eggs.
because a little glue would NEVER work :)
just a little more glue and i will be ready to go!
after the egg has been cut out and decorated with glue. 
it will then be time to sprinkle on the confetti.
you see calling it little bits of scrap paper makes the project seem boring, 
but calling it confetti and the project is the coolest thing EVER!
after you shake off the extra pieces of paper
you are left with these beautiful creations!

Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. So cute and it looks like fun! My daughter LOVESSS anything to do with glue:)

  2. VERY cute.. I will be stealing this idea too! And uh... why would a little glue work.. or little paint... or little color! :) I love this job.