Monday, April 23, 2012

its a zoo...

at first i thought "hey daycare is like a zoo"
and then i realized nope 
its not
its more like a jungle
all let lose into one space
fending for themselves
will do whatever it takes 
to get what they want!
so now i dream about my daycare being a zoo
each child
in their own space
doing their own thing!
but what fun would that be?

today when i got done cleaning breakfast up
the kids were playing tigers
and they needed a zoo keeper!
so myself and another child 
fed them, put them to sleep, gave them shots
(duh, jill tigers need shots to! when i questioned why a tiger needs a shot)
played ball, and went for walks 
(walking is healthy even for tigers)
also, tigers behave much better than children!  I was amazed!

so i decided that we would do a tiger craft!
what would we do without the internet!
i love that i can google "printable tiger"
and i get all sorts of goodies!
i found this one HERE

only the older kiddos did this project!
i am trying to get better about only doing things the kids are capable of
because otherwise im stuck doing all the work
and that doesn't show what they are able to do
only shows what I am able to do with very little time!
of course my daughter was all "im not making a tiger, 
im making a cheetah!"
you would my little stubborn child that likes to do things your way!
 super impressed with how everyone's cutting skills are coming along!
only had to help a few kiddos!
otherwise they were on their own!!
they are sooo serious when they are working!  
some of the finished products!
i knew that if i had the younger kids do this i would be cutting out their pieces
and then helping them glue them together!
so of course when you want something easier
you use a paper plate and make a paper plate tiger!
paint the paper plate orange
 suck on the paint brush
(adds a little extra to the finished product)
 add, eyes, nose, and stripes
and then take a photo of cute boy saying
"look jill i did it!"

Then i found this giraffe head printable HERE
made a neck for it added some brown spots
 and then we took different toys and measured to see how long the neck was
with the different items around the daycare!
12 blocks

16 people
(notice the paper we also did milk lids which was 15 lids)
we wrote down how many of everything we measured with
people was the most
microphones was the least!
they LOVED this activity and stayed busy forever
finding different things to measure with.
it was a GREAT activity for counting, one to one correspondence,
measuring, more or less, number recognition, and even reading
  (they liked "reading" what i was writing) 

overall it was a fun day at the zoo!
we will continue on with zoo activities the rest of the week!

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  1. How fun!! I love that you tied a craft to what they wanted to play. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you are having a fabulous week!