Thursday, April 19, 2012

rain drops keep falling on my head...

its rainy, gloomy, and dark outside!
my favorite kind of weather!!!

normally i would be like

but instead we got out a few books about rain and clouds
we read 
splish! splash! Spring

it looked like spilt milk

and little cloud

all great books!!!
check them out!!

the first project we did was
a name matching project!

I had the kids paint a piece of tag board blue
after their tag boards where blue
i worked with each child at placing the letters of their name in clouds onto the tag board
and then they matched their "letter clouds" with their "letter drops"
my oldest kiddo
was able to do this all by herself!

i mixed her cloud letters up and asked her to spell out her name! and since she had watched me help the other kids she was able to do this with a little help of a couple letters!  she quickly matched each rain drop to the right cloud letter!  i love watching these kids learn more and more each day!!

do you love my shoes!  they are my favorite and are worn daily!  wish i had 3 more pair because they are almost to worn to wear anymore!

anyways back to project time!
after lunch i got out the shaving cream
thank you dollar tree!

and had the kids make their own clouds in the shaving cream!
we also talked about what clouds would feel like if we could touch them!
and we looked outside to see what was happening because of all the clouds!
rain drops!!  
we also sang "if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops"
(old school barney song!)
and of course we made a huge huge mess!
that still needs to be cleaned up, 
but blogging comes first my friends! 

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