Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Handprint pumpkins

A friend of mine that also does daycare does a handprint or footprint once a month!  I don't think she has missed a single month and I always thought how awesome that those parents will see their babies hands and grow because of what my friend does.  I on the other hand have been doing daycare for a little over 3 years and always had good intentions of doing this but failed over and over!  So I finally decided I need to be better about this and have stuck to it for the last 3 months and sometimes we do more than one handprint!  Thanks to my dear friend for the motivation! - I hope she knows who she is!
So this month we did pumpkin handprints to go with the season! 
Here are the children hard at work...
 showing me their orange hands!  The kids love painting with anything and everything but actually getting to paint with their hands is a real treat!
 he dove in with 2 hands!
 even the babies got a turn!
-they aren't babies anymore but pretty sure I will call them my babies until the next "round" of babies come!  They grow up way to fast!
 he pretty much did everything BUT paint the paper plate!
 this little dude kept his hand in the same spot and stared at me!  His big brother came over and helped him move his hand side to side but he didn't change expression and once his brother stopped he left his hand in that same spot :)
the final product! 

do you make your child's handprint often as a memory? 


  1. I love the handprint stem! Super cute! And what a wonderful mess!!

  2. I've made clay hand prints before with my little guy... but I'm going to start making some with paint too. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Love the idea of the handprints once a month. I like you don't know if I would remember to do it once a month. Very cute

  4. Very Cute idea Jill-Love the pumpkins!

  5. I love the hand print stems!
    We also do lots of hand prints. We've just done white hand and foot prints on black card (fingers and toes pointing downwards) and added eyes and a mouth to make ghosts for Halloween.

  6. Hi! I featured your craft in a Halloween Handprint Round Up Post. Such a cute idea! I love how messy the younger one got :)