Friday, December 30, 2011

if only I were an octopus

Top 11 Things I heard in 2011
some I hear daily! 
some are those sayings that just make me laugh every time I think about it!

11 - There is a monster living in Jill's house
(when the air or furnace runs the doors jiggle)

10 - We don't want to come inside yet!

9 - Your baby is fat!
(my baby is a big boy)

8 - I am Hungry!
(these kids are ALWAYS hungry!)

7 - You make the best food EVER!
(this is said when i make mac-n-cheese)

6 - moo cows in the pasture!
(i have a little boy obsessed with cows!  and I hear this phrase 100 times a day!)

5 - There are squirrels in my pants playing with my nuts
(this was not said inappropriately! He was pretending!)

4 - Jill, I wish you were an octopus with 8 arms because then we wouldn't have to be so patient, and you could do everything at one time!

3 - When you swallow bubble gum your butt cheeks will get stuck together!
(i giggled for days after this was said...i actually still giggle about it!)

2 - Jill, you have the best house EVER!!

1 - Jill, you are the best!

1, 2 are my favorites and thankfully I do get to hear them daily!  I am so blessed to have a beautiful daycare family!!!

and these sayings are why I do my job, even on the bad days!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I love the smell of shaving cream!

and just like that Christmas is over!
I took down the house decorations
we took down the daycare decorations!
and while we were taking everything off the walls
the kids kept commenting, 
this is sooo weird with nothing on OUR walls!

And then one child commented...
-oh you silly child we live in South Dakota
summer is a LONG ways away!-

but since the kids are already thinking summer
we did a project with summer colors!

Puffy Paint:
-equal parts glue and shaving cream-
-I added a little paint to the mixture, a small amount!-

The paint drys puffy!

here are some pics of my silly kids that think summer is right around the corner!
-dont worry i crushed their spirits by telling them we still have 6mos of winter!-

our fun summer colors!  
There is NO snow on the ground so I think the kids are confused about winter right now!!

Some of the kids were a little confused about the texture of the paint...sticky, fluffy, gooey...

he is having sooo much fun...can't you tell!!

some of our beautiful creations!

it will dry raised!

What are you painting with today??

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Party

Here is a quick recap of what we did on our last daycare day before Christmas...
Pin the nose on rudolph!

notice where child is and where rudolph is...

Foot/handprint rudolph
Handprint Christmas Trees

Gingerbread Man Bingo
Popsicle Star decoration
but fun was had by everyone!!
Christmas Crafts are over!  Didnt get everything done that I wanted :(
there is always next year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Popsicle Sticks, Buttons, and Pom Poms!

One day Closer to Christmas
Today we took some popsicle sticks and made Christmas Trees and Snowflakes.

They look GREAT!

What you will need:
Popsicle sticks
glue gun
decorations of your choice

First I hot glued the sticks together to make a Snowflake
and a Christmas Tree
-you will need 4 sticks for the snowflake
and 31/2 for the Christmas Tree
-you will need to break some of the popsicle sticks to make the Tree-
(see picture)

Secondly:  Paint


this child is addicated to squeezing glue! :)

Our Finished Products!

I have such crafty, talented children!
so proud of all of them!

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The Liebster Award

This week I was very surprised that I was given the Liebster award from Playing with Words 365
She has an awesome blog with tons of different ideas!

I felt so honored that I had recieved this award! 
I started this little ol blog so that my daycare parents could get an inside view of what their kids are doing each day while they are at work.  I also wanted to share with my daycare privider friends different ideas for their daycares!  So to recieve this award was soooo awesome!!

Thank you Katie so much for this award!!!

I am now giving this award to
1.Mummy, Musing, and Mayhem
2. Creativity My Passion
3. Mom's Heart
4.Caty's Care
5. Mindy's Daycare

The rules of this Award are as follows:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who nominated you by linking back to their blog.
2. Nominate five other happy little blogs (200 followers or less) by posting a comment on their blogs.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. And don't forget to check out what the other up-and-coming blogs have to offer.
Thanks again it is an honor!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Christmas is here!
The presents are arriving!
my house is shrinking...or at least feels like its shrinking!
Oh the flu has come!
kids vomitting!
Its fun...or NOT!
I felt the need to clean and organize!

So to keep the flu away,
we cleaned,
we organized,
we found toys we haven't played with in FOREVER!

My wonderful sister-in-law is in town
so she came to hang out and play with kids
(she now has the flu)
-oh my hubby is also sick-

Here is what we did
-every toy found a home, their right home, not the home the kids thought was easiet to find that day!-
I feel like its cleaner, and more oragnized!

-sadly this wasn't all of it. This was only half...we started to feel a little overwhelmed but...

everything did find its home, things were put back into the closet AND we can get to it!  YAY!!  I love it!
Now I have been taking pictures of all the toys and will begin labeling all the buckets, and containters of toys so at clean up time things can be put into their correct home!!

-the kids were SUPER good while we cleaned and found the correct homes for the correct toys!
I think they were having fun finding and playing with new toys!

-thank you to my dear sis in law for coming out to play and sorry you got sick :(

Getting a head start on my new years resolutions!

Baby Jesus

I have been bad blogger and slacking!
With the flu
and just trying to get my house clean
project time
had to take a small break!
I think we are flu free and good to go!!

SO we are playing catch up on the advent calendar!
monday we made pretzel treats...we really did make them but i took no pictures!
-well i did set out coloring books but thats it!
Today...Wednesday - we made baby Jesus in a manger
I saw this idea on pinterest
Super cute, and easy
My kinda project!

What you need:
-2 long pieces of brown paper for the manger
(the pinterest picture they used popsicle sticks)
-yellow pieces of paper for hay
-a circle piece of paper for the head
-and a white rectangle (i rounded the sides) for the body
-we also used brown paint

We painted the longer pieces of paper brown

We glued the pieces of paper to another piece of paper
(we used a light blue)

glue on the hay

and the baby Jesus

Throughout all the steps be sure to have a meaningful conversation about the reason for the season!

Our finished product!
(i quickly put this together so the kids could see what we were going to make so the manger did not get painted)

I loved this project and I loved how much they all talked about Baby Jesus having to go to a "farm" to sleep because they people wouldn't give them room in their houses.  They talked about wisemen coming and bringing gifts because Jesus was so precious! 
I love these conversations!!

Happy Wednesday!

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Tissue Paper Ornaments

I have TONS of tissue paper
(i need different ideas to use it up)

So for this project you will need:
Tissue paper of all colors
Contact Paper
Construction Paper cut out like an ornament with the center also cut out!
and if you are dutch like this daycare blogger
then you will cut it nicely and use the inside for another craft :)

Each child kids a piece of contact paper, lots of tissue paper, and a paper ornament.
When the child is done cover with another piece of contact paper and cut around the ornament.

Let the kids go wild!

Don't let these cute kids fool you! :)

here is our final products!

I am sure these would look better hanging in a window, or hanging from a light, but this is the space I had!

DaY eLeVeN

you know how you say the same word over and over you eventually question yourself if thats a real word or if you are spelling it right...11...ELEVEN..eleven...i even did a spell check!

Today was beading pipe cleaners and read a Bible Story
-the kids had a lot of fun doing this

this is such a great fine motor skill.  They were very busy for almost an entire hour doing this activity!
At the end of the day my daughter insisted we do it again!

Now I have 300 pipe cleaners left over and looking for ideas to use these pipe cleaners up!
Any ideas??  PLEASE!!!

Happy beading!

Felt Friday

It is FINALLY back!
I didn't mean to slack on my Felt Friday projects,
but sometimes, life just takes over and felt gets put on the back burner

For disappering on Felt Friday for a VERY LONG TIME
I will be giving you 2, yes TWO felt projects!!

The first one is SUPER CUTE,
I got it from this lovely website, The Iowa Farmer's Wife
-be sure to stop over and check it out!-

Rudolph the _______ nose Reindeer

What you Need:
Felt: dark brown, lite brown, red, and any other color you want
and a cute little child to help make the reindeer
and of course a scissors to cut everything out!

You will need to cut out 2 handprints from the dark brown
and a roundish triangle from the light brown
then with all the other colors cut out a circle from each color...don't forget the RED!

-I used a milk lid to trace the circles, it was the perfect size!

-don't forget to add eyes-
There are lots of different ideas you could come up with for this felt project!

You could just place a different colored circle and ask the kids "rudolph the orange nose reindeer?" and keep doing that until you get to red, a great color game!
for the older kids you could write the colored word on a piece of paper and have the child pick a piece of paper and find the color circle that matches the word!
-I would print the words in the color of the word, for example pink would be printed pink
-or you can just set it out on a table and let children come up with their own way of playing with it!

-- what ideas can you come up with for this felt project --

and here is another one that I quickly put together tonight
 -a christmas tree with decorations,
kids LOVE decorating Christmas Trees and so this is a fun little activity for them to decorate a child size tree

-sorry for the blurry pic!-
--I also thought about making a colored dice for this tree, the kids would roll the dice and then put that color circle on the tree! --
Yup defintly going to be doing that!!

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Happy weekend everyone!

Hopefully Felt Friday will continue and will not get put on the back burner!