Monday, April 16, 2012

monday, monday, monday

when you read the title you have to say it with a jane brady kinda voice!
some mornings i look at the clock
and think
"its only 830am!"

this morning was one of those mornings
where every time i started something
i got side tracked
and the end results 
were bad!
gross smelly mess!!
and that was only part of it!

i looked at the clock 
thinking it had to be close to lunch time
and it was only 830 am

my heart sank 
and i didn't know if i was going to make it through the rest of the day!

This weekend i did some rearranging and organizing! 
which reminded me we had not done puzzles in 
so i pulled out a card table for the older kids to do their puzzles
the did a great job working together!

and put the other puzzles on the ground for the younger kids!
i was able to sit on the floor and help the little guys out and just enjoy some quiet time
and collect my thoughts, say a prayer and move from our weird/crazy morning to 
a fun/busy/learning morning!

after we worked on puzzles for awhile
we headed up stairs for another project
toothpicks and marshmellows, doesn't get much easier than that!
and it also gave me more time to just unwind 
and get my head on straight for the rest of the day!
i even texted a friend and said 
marshmellow + toothpicks = 
very busy well behaved children
i don't even think the kids were being bad/naughty!
i think they were just happy to see each other and
full of energy and excitement, that went a little to far!
its a good thing it was only 830 because then we were able to 
turn our attitudes/behaviors around and have fun/busy/educational morning!

anyone else have a case of the mondays?

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