Friday, April 20, 2012

earth day... and a birthday girl!

i love fridays,
i don't like the thought of living for the weekend
but to just take each day at a time
but this week
i think i may have lived for the weekend
not because there is anything special
just time to relax!

today we did a little earth day project
by making a hand tree

i traced the each child's hand
used a circle punch to punch holes
from green scrap paper
i used a variety of different shades of green
and green pattern paper as well
 we then glued our hands down to our paper
and started to add the "leaves" to our branches!
 we talked about how God created the earth 
and that it is our job to take care of it
by keeping it clean!

  the toddlers were not to thrilled about me holding their hands down and tracing them so i just gave them a paper plate (not very earth day friendly item...opps) and covered it in glue and let them cover their plates with the dots! Its the little things in life that make them happy!

here are a few of our finished products!
i loved how they turned out
they look so pretty!

Since starting my daycare in August of 2008 i have lost 2 families!
and one left because there little guy was going to Kindergarten and wouldn't be needing me anymore,
and the other left because mom was going to start her own daycare and we talk daily and are always sharing ideas, helping each other during stressful times, and just a great support!
i miss both those families dearly!
otherwise i have had the same families (older siblings have gone off to school but i still care for the younger kiddos!), have added a few extra and all those families keep me busy by having more babies!
I am soooo blessed with this daycare..even though some days i think i might go crazy!
which leads me to this...
Today was a very special day and these next few weeks are going to be very sad for me!
The first family to sign my very first daycare contract will be leaving for good in a few short weeks!
i can actually remember the day like yesterday when her mother stopped over almost in tears because she was sooo thankful her daughter was going to be coming to my house for daycare, and she signed the contract and i was going to be in business!
I have known her since she was a baby and when i started my daycare she was just over 15mo old!
and today she turned 5!
she has been a lover, a fighter, a beautiful young girl and a drama queen
and when she leaves us for good she is going to be missed
by everyone!
it will be sad!!

Happy Birthday Princess!!
(she calls me Queen Jill the most out of any daycare kid so today i will call her a princess)

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  1. What a great activity, and I love how you changed it up for the Toddlers who didn't want their hands traced.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. What a great activitiy!!!! And a speical Happy Birthday to that little cutie:)

  3. These are wonderful! I love the colors and Happy Birthday!