Monday, April 2, 2012


the kids have been talking a lot about Easter...
ya know
the bunny, the eggs, the candy, ect..
i am fine with all of it
but i want for them to really know what Easter is all about
so today i told them we were going to make an Easter project
"oh i bet its going to be making a bunny"
"i think we are going to have an Easter egg hunt"
"i know, its going to be painting an egg"
(we will prob do all of these things, but the most important thing comes first)
i had all the crosses hanging around the kitchen 
for when the kids came up
they all exclaimed how pretty they were
but that it wasn't an Easter project
(insert smile, and children's Bible)
oh but my sweet kids, this is what Easter is all about!
so we read the story about Jesus dying on the cross 
and the nails that were put into his hands
we read about how God didn't want to punish us
so he sent his Son to take all our punishments
one little girl said
"does punish mean love?"
i told her that it kinda does, 
moms and dads punish their children because 
they love them and want them to learn for their bad choices!
so Jesus took all our punishments for us
that is how much Jesus loves us!
i hope the kids enjoy Easter,
their bunnies, their eggs, their hunts, their treats
but I hope they remember what Easter is all about!

Throughout the week we will do some of those "other" projects
but we will continue to read about what happens to Jesus after he dies for us
and do some projects that relate to it!


  1. Love this! You are right, this is what is important. I am having a hard time talking to the kids about Easter because they are so young. They don't even know what dying means. Any tips?

  2. I love this. I loooove this. Tell me.. are you a Christian Daycare? If not- how do you do this without upsetting parents, did you discuss it with them, etc? Are you even worried about it- haha! As a teacher, I guess I have grown used to protecting myself. When I first decided to do this daycare I wanted to make it Christian based... but being affiliated with a military base, I Can't do that. I am just wondering how I could do the same thing you just did and if I have to talk to parents about it first. Oh were.. sorry too many questions.