Monday, April 16, 2012

monday menu

another week of planning meals.  
i have to admit this is prob my least favorite part of the job.
one - it means i have to spend money
two - i have to actually go to the grocery store
(i go on monday nights when no one else is there, why monday you ask...the milk is super cheap)
three - i feel like i get stuck in a rut and menu planning becomes a chore

monday - Ravioli
tuesday - grilled cheese, tomato soup
wednesday - pizzadillas
thursday - hamburgers
friday - taco muffins

my list 

canned ravioli - shame on me i know, but the kids love it 
and it claims to have a serving of veggies in every serving :)

self explanatory
bread, cheese, tomato soup
this is a daycare fav

this is also another fav
soft shells, pizza sauce, mozz cheese, and pepperonis
i put a layer of sauce, cheese, pepperonis and 
then use my quesadilla maker to melt it all together!
and the fact that we call them pizzadillas is funny to the kids!

again self explanatory!
hamburger or turkey burger, hamburger buns, cheese (optional)
will serve with french fries!

this will be leftover taco meat from a family meal in the evening
i take a pillsbury biscuts the ones that come in a 4 pack
will need 2 tubes to make enough for my kiddos
grease a muffin tin
flatten the biscuits and place one biscuit in each muffin tin
then add a spoon full of taco meat and taco cheese to each biscuit
and cover with another biscuit! 
bake until golden brown!
the kiddos love this!!

have you planned your menu yet this week?

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