Monday, January 9, 2012

On Top of Spaghetti!!

- that should be the name of my blog! -

today we painted with spaghetti, and
I had never heard so much laughter and giggling 
from an activity before!
The kiddos couldn't get enough of it!

-First off I have to say "wasting" food is something I struggle with-
I worked at a preschool where some of the children's only meals
were at school!  And that was hard to see!
So I hated "wasting" food!
So we never did a whole lot with food items!
Then I went to a training!
(google the ooey gooey lady if you don't know who it is!!)
I love her training and i follow her on twitter, and facebook!
anyways she brought up the whole food issue
-if the kids only meals are while they are in your care, 
then that also means the only time they get to experience life positivly is in your care!-
so to sum up what she said was, these kids need you to 
feed them, clean them, hold them, love them, and EDUCATE THEM!  
and if that means using a few spaghetti noodles to do so than do it!


They LOVED it!
It was like the best painting experience ever!
The pictures are just smeared, nothing exciting was created
but the language, and the laughter
was worth 

Here are some pics!
(i didn't get very many because I was covered in red paint and didn't dare touch the camera after that)

i boiled about 20 noodles!  So you really aren't "wasting" a whole lot!

dip them in globs of paint!
I was going for primary colors so the kids would mix the colors to make new colors!
for some reason we just got a whole lot of red and a little purple!!!
But when purple was discovered the crew went NUTS!!!

Here this guy is swinging his noodles to make streaks across his paper

this little dude just laid on the noodles on his paper, picked them back up and did it again!

more swinging action!  and some dragging action!

ahhh and then the "babies"  They LOVED this!  and they were covered in paint when it was over!
I laughed so hard! -and stepped in a pile of spaghetti!- 

his paper was ripped and destroyed he was so into rubbing the paint all over!
-his noodles were the ones I stepped in-

this little man took a little longer to get into it!
but don't worry your friend will help you out!

look at that face of disgust because his buddy was helping him out!!
back off dude this MESS is MINE!

concentrating so hard!!
-and then i got red paint on my hands so the pictures stopped!

But so much fun was had by all!
Now go out buy some spaghetti for supper and use a few noodles for painting!!

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  1. I give you so much credit! I'm not sure if I have the patience for this! But I'm pinning this idea for one of those days where everything goes smoothly and I'm brave enough to let me my little ones paint with spaghetti! I know they will love it!

    Criss-Cross Applesauce

  2. This is a really cool idea. I can see why the little ones would get a kick out of that.

  3. How fun is that! I love messy play and do it all the time with my little one. I'll have to give this a try! Thanks for the idea.

  4. It looks like yours turned out pretty cool. I attempted this with my kids last year and we got a blobby mess, not the look I was going for. But, it was fun!

    Hopping over from Show and Tell.

  5. I love this idea but a few of my kids have issues getting their hands very dirty. I can't believe these are my kids. Any ideas on how to modify it for them? Vicky from Mess For Less

    1. Hey Vicky!, I have a little guy that is not a fun of getting his nads dirty (although when he sees mud its a different story) he wasn't here this day but i had planned on giving him a fork to move the spaghetti around with!