Sunday, August 26, 2012

1st day of school...

the outfits are picked out
the bags are packed
lunches are made

tomorrow is my first day as a preschool teacher 
my daughter's first day of Pre-K
my son's first day of daycare

i am full of all sorts of emotions

being preggers doesn't help
i am an emotional mess!!! 

now its time to go to bed because i will actually set an alarm for the first time in 4 years!
i will get up, shower, do my hair, and even put make-up on...
trust me those things didnt usually happen in these past 4 years! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

an ending, a beginning

where to begin...
last week was sad
i mean i dreaded the end of each day 
because each day was the official last day of a child
it was heart breaking!
all day long i would convince myself that i wouldn't cry
and then that time would come and the tears came 
and when the family walked out my door i couldn't stop myself
it was a sad week! 
i can't thank my families enough for loving me, my children, my home, and my daycare
i loved them all!!  
they will all hold a special place in my heart forever!
they have all played a special part in my life and for that i will never forget them

this week has been a bit crazy, new, exciting, and scary!
i have restless sleep after dreaming all night of old co-workers 
telling me i can't do it, im not good enough
even in a dream it makes you question yourself!
can i do this, am i cut out for this, will i be good enough?
i feel like my list of things to get done before monday is never ending
everytime i turn around there is something else i missed
i get a little stressed and a little tired
and then i take a few minutes to just cry and get it out!
 and then i feel better!
i am working with some amazing women
with amazing rooms and ideas
and im excited to see what God has planned for me
in this new position
and even though i am stressed, tried, and a little emotional 
i know that great things are going to happen!

I will hopefully take some pictures this weekend of the room
to share with all of my readers...
i haven't disappeared yet :)

and i am leaving you with this little "thing" one of my parents wrote me
and im trying to remember it daily when i am struggling...

 Wonderful Christian mom!
 Educational activities 
 Loving on our kids
aLways genuine and honest

 Meals that are kid friendly and fun
gIfted! God has blessed you with an amazing talent
 Structured and firm
 Special projects :)

 You get what you get and you don't throw a fit
 Understanding and flexible

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sometimes and Always

linking up with the adorable preggers
on her sometimes and always link up!

Sometimes: i lay in bed until the last second possible
Always: i wish i could lay in bed for a few minutes longer, this baby makes me tired!

Sometimes: i worry about getting out the door on time when i start my new job
Always: i hate being late, so i know i will get to work on time!

Sometimes: my Eli hugs the daycare families when they drop off and pick up
Always: i think my daycare families are really going to miss his hugs, even when he leaves drool and boogers behind!

Sometimes: i get horrible headaches
Always: drinking soda pop makes it better! hello, my name is jill and i am addicted to caffeine 

Sometimes: i get really overwhelmed by taking on a new job
Always: God comforts me, and reminds me this was a good decision!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

bitter sweet

8 days
until i am done with this part of my life!

i have been an emotional rollercoaster 
(being preggers doesn't help)

one day im thinking, oh it can't come soon enough!
the next day im bawling because im not one for change!

im sad to see "my babies" go 
but im excited to start something new

but it feels weird and not normal
and soon i know the weird will turn into normal
and normal will turn into great memories!

but im also excited to share that an amazing woman will be taking over a majority of my kids
and if you enjoyed following me you will LOVE to follow her (and the kids)
and all the fun they will be having at Pepper Ridge Daycare
you can check her out HERE!!!

i am sooooo excited to be able to follow her daycare journey, 
and keep an eye on those amazing, naughty, funny, food throwing, silly, back talking, cute kids!!
i know i have truly enjoyed everyone of them 
(trust me we have all had our days as well!)

still don't know what will happen to this here blog but the wheels are spinning
and hopefully i can continue on with blogging about 
babies, toddlers, and preschoolers!!  

finally i leave you with 2 photos
my natalie and her favorite daycare baby (and only baby) wearing matching outfits!!  
you will see LOTS of this baby at Pepper Ridge Daycare Blog since this is the daycare providers baby!!

and a pile of cicada shells!  
the kids will spend all morning looking for these things, collect them in a bucket, and then count them!
but at least they are enjoying themselves!
--there were abou a dozen that blew away before i took this picture, my kids are expert cicada shell finders!--