I hear these words "I am HUNGRY!" at least 20 times a day! 
Since I run my own little in home daycare I am also the chef!  I am not a very good cook but I try daily to make meals that are healthy and yummy!  I don't always succeed but its a daily deal!
So I decided I would share some of the meals once or twice a week!  No guarantee on this taking off! :) 

Please share some meals that you make for your kids that are always a crowd pleaser!  Or snacks or breakfast ideas!  I am ALWAYS looking for easy, yummy, and healthy ideas!!

Meal 1 - chicken on egg noodles
Meal 2 - Bubble Pizza
Meal 3 - Pizza Bites
Meal 4-English Muffin Pizza
Meal 5 -White Tacos


  1. I would love if you shared more. I have a very picky texture eater who is constantly yelling "snack snack" at me.

  2. Hi! I found you on the Mingle with us blog hop. We are your newest followers. I am so excited to hear about your crafts as I have a 22 month old:)