Tuesday, September 4, 2012

first day of school

I am finally blogging about our first day of school!

i packed our bags the night before and had them laid out and ready to go!  
for a mom who hasn't been to "work" in 4 years i thought this was very necessary!
i will also say we were ready by 7:38am and i didn't need to leave for work until 8:15!!

Natalie's first day of Pre-K!  
she was beyond excited and has been enjoying every single day!!  
on saturday while we were just lounging around she suddenly said 
"mom we gotta get a move on, we don't want to miss school!"

little brother need a picture to!
especially since this was going to be his first day at daycare!
he didn't even notice the first day when i walked out the door!
since then he has cried and screamed but always stopped within minutes of me walking out the door!

it was a big day for me as well!  so as much as i don't enjoy being in the photos i had to document my first day of school as well!
it was a good first day and a successful first week!  
i am fully enjoying the job and slowly learning how to manage my time!
i am also 21 weeks in the picture! this pregnancy is flying by!

and of course i forced daddy to be in the picture as well! :)