Thursday, April 12, 2012

down on the farm

the kids have been into everything farm

we even made up a farm song today
(because i can't sing old mac donald one more time)

title of our song is
Down on the farm
(tune of the song, down by the bay)

Down on the Farm
where the corn grows tall
i want to go
and see it all
for when i do
my grandpa would say
(the kids are also obsessed with their grandpas)
did you ever see a goat, riding in a boat

other options for the 2nd to last line
did you ever see a snake dragging a rake
sheep riding in a jeep
pig wearing a wig
cow taking a bow
horse playing a piano of course
hen writing with a pen
a duck riding in a truck
rooster sitting in a booster (i couldn't think of anything better)
(i can't think of any other farm animals)

let me tell ya, the giggles that i got singing this song was amazing!!

now of course we needed to do some farm projects!

we milked a "cow"
rubber glove, and paint and something to pike holes with
 i poked small holes in the tips of the glove
then filled the glove with paint!
the kids then squeezed the "utters" and milked our cow!
i have a cd called "smile at your neighbor" (AWESOME CD)
and there is a song about milking a cow
so we sang part of it
"how did you milk her?"
"squirt, squirt, squirt!"
this activity was SUPER FUN!  the kids could have done this all morning!
i just had the kids milk the cow into a cup and then would refill the glove and do it again!
it was hard to take pictures since i needed to be there to hold the "utter"

we made a graph
"what is your favorite farm animal?"
we had a cow, duck, chicken, rooster, pig, and sheep
i got the animals from the link below!
it was a great link with lots of farm ideas!
i put one animal on each section so the kids could also do a little matching
since not all the kiddos are able to read!
we figured out the pigs had the most after we counted each animal!
one to one correspondence is something that we need to work on around here!
(which means for each object its given a number, some of the kids would skip, or say one number and point twice)

 we matched the the farm animals
(this can be found in the link below)
a little memory game for the younger kiddos!

we also tried figuring out what each farm animal does
i had a picture of the animals from "whats your favorite farm animal"
and asked the kids questions like:
"which animal swims in the pond?"
"which animal makes milk?"
it was fun talking about all the different farm animals and what each one does!

lots of farm animal printables

and finally we helped out a pink big by letting them play in the mud
some of the kiddos were here early and painted their pigs pink
 and then we set them aside to let them dry!
when another group of kiddos arrived (i printed those kids pigs on pink paper)
we got out the brown paint and let the pigs play in the mudd!

the kids got a huge kick out of this and we did lots of body part naming!
the kids would say what part of the pig would get muddy!
snouts, tummys, feet, eats, curly pig tails, ect!
 here is the pig we used
pig printable

Be sure to come back tomorrow for more farm fun!!

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finally i leave you with babies and mo hawks!
they make me happy!


  1. I have a toddler at home and I'm always looking for new things to create with her. Thanks for the inspiration. I found you over on the blog hop and happily following your cute blog.
    Hope you have a chance to check me out too :-)
    Take care,

  2. Thanks for linking up to the Kids Co-op! I'm thinking "A fox in a box" or "A mouse running through the house" or in Australia we would have "A Kangaroo playing peek-a-boo" and "An emu peeking out at you". But I love your "Rooster in a booster".

  3. Milking the cow is awesome! I'm going to pin this for the next time we do a farm theme.