Wednesday, April 25, 2012


tuesday i came across a paper plate peacock HERE
and since the kids are into playing zoo right now
i knew they would LOVE this peacock!
at the zoo in our town there is a peacock that 
walks around doing its thing
and all the kids at daycare talk about it!!

so i got the materials together to make our beautiful peacocks!
i used paper plates, blue paint, blue paper cut out like a bowling pin, silver dots, and turquoise sequence
and you will need glue!

whats a post without a toddler eating paint?

i didn't take pictures of the steps to make the peacock because my toddlers got a little crazy
with their paint!  
but we painted our paper plates blue, then added the body, next the silver dots, a sequence on top of each silver dot, and finally some eyes, and a beak!  ours isn't as fancy as the one above, 
but i do what i can with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers!

this is what was going on instead of getting step by step pics!
crazy boys painting themselves, and rubbing their paper plate in their hair!
he cuteness makes up for his craziness!

on tuesday i had a very small group of kids so when they realized what they missed out on
they had to make them as well!!
so here we are day to making another round of peacocks!
they really did turn out nice, and the kids are always soo proud of the work they do!

some of our final products!!

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(tomorrow is my "friday" and i just a little excited for a long weekend!)

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