Thursday, April 26, 2012


throughout the week the kids have been busy playing zoo
we have had all sorts of animals around here
tigers in cages, koala bears climbing trees, peacocks strutting around
lions napping, bears playing ball, monkeys swinging on the swing set.

its been crazy and fun trying to maintain this zoo!

another fun fact is the kids can spell zoo.
this is

its exciting because a large part of the kids 
want to learn to read, write, spell!
i love when children are ready to learn and not being pushed to learn!
they are learning naturally and when they are ready!

(parents ask your kids to spell zoo for you and share the excitement with them)

back to our zoo fun!

i got a bunch of animal/zoo stickers for the kids
stickers always give me busy, happy kids!
he was showing me that he ripped the giraffes head off!
its all good, its just a sticker buddy put it back together!

we then made an elephant hand print!
(thank-you pinterest)

and because spelling Z-O-O was so much fun
we decorated the letters in a zebra, giraffe, alligator prints!
here are the kiddos working away at their Z-O-O project!
I decided i need to do things like this more often because they had a fun learning!

this little lady has become my little crafter and needs to make sure every ounce of paper is covered in paint, and every dot of glue has been covered!  she takes her time, does things neatly and nicely and is always the last one finished with a big smile on her face!!  
she teaches me to slow down, stop, and enjoy the moment!

the toddlers with the help of some very eager preschoolers learned to 
(animal sounds are a blast my friends, a blast!)

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  1. looks like fun at your place!!! and what a great way to learn!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    I have 8 house is a zoo.

  2. Stop it! The elephant is so cute! I love it... Will you link it up with us? I LOVE it.. so going to do it.