Friday, May 25, 2012

i scream, you scream

we all scream for

remember how i said i was trying to do a summer food theme

yeah that went 2 ways
 1 watermelon project
which turned out great!
check it out HERE

then we made this little thing last week friday
i just never got around to blogging about it
its just their hand prints that they decorated with pom poms and jewels
glued onto a "cone"

yesterday we did this
the younger kids practiced writing the letters of their name on the scoops of ice cream
while the older kids brainstormed words that described ice cream
here are a few of our huge ice cream cones!

finally today
we made our own ice cream!
i highly recommend doing this with your kiddos this summer if they enjoy ice cream!
our first bowl!

what you need:
1/2 cup whole milk
1tbsp sugar
1tsp vanilla
 6 tbsp of salt
2 cups of ice
1 large ziplock bag
1 small ziplock bag
(this makes 1 serving)

since i had 9 kids that were going to need ice cream i had the older girls help me prep the bags
sugar and vanilla went in the small bag first!

then we added the milk!

ice and salt in the big bag!

singing and shaking our bags!!
the kids did complain after a few minutes that their hands were tired and cold!
it took about 7 mins for the first bag to be done!
the younger kiddos about 10mins
i think the harder and faster you shake the bag the quicker the process!

our first bowl of ice cream! 
the young man that ate it got a brain freeze he ate it so fast!!

we had a couple kids complain of salt being in their ice cream so the next time we do this i 
will have to come up with a way so that salt does not get in the ice cream!
 i was able to get a bite in and it was yummy!!!

make sure to add this to your list of things to do with your kids this summer!
i know we will be doing it again!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

watermelon fun!

my goal was to kick off summer with doing some fun little projects on summer food
and then that is it, my creative juices disappeared and i couldn't think of a single thing to do!
 the internet, my college school books and even PINTEREST failed me!

i searched high and low for simple fun activities for a variety of ages!

last night i saw a fun little pinterest idea but it was meant for Kindergarten and older
and i shut my computer and went to bed.

Last night i dreamed about the same project and it hit me what i could do to make it 
age appropriate for my kiddos!

Yay!  i hope this means my creative juices start flowing again!
i was in a serious funk!

 the kiddos made themselves eating a piece of watermelon!
how cute is that!!

the pinterest idea i saw was very similar to this but the kids wrote a story on the watermelon and their faces were cutout pieces and the hair was a little fancier.  i just had the kiddos draw their own faces and cut their own hair!  made it a little more fun!

circles for the head and 4 little bumps for the fingers "holding the watermelon

the watermelon and the rind 

painting the watermelon

the pieces for the hair

working on their faces!
it was funny because they were very specific on what blue or brown they needed for their eyes!

and our final product one last time!

happy tuesday!

hopefully i will be back to my old blogging ways with lots of fun summer activities!

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monday menu

i have been slacking on this blogging thing
not sure what my deal is
pretty sure its just pure laziness

spaghetti, garlic bread


mini dogs wrapped in crescent rolls

peanut butter and jelly sandwiches


as you can see my menu is VERY simple and easy this week
and all VERY kid friendly!

even my grocery shopping has been lazy!!

Friday, May 18, 2012


i haven't blogged all week
we really have keeping busy
enjoying the hot weather
so today i am going to photo dump 
what we did this week!
we mixed paint with cars
when you have a group of boys this activity is always a hit!
what boy wouldn't like to drive a care through a pile of paint 
and then all over the table!!
my little toddlers REALLY enjoyed this and made all 
sorts of car sounds!
and then screamed when i pried the cars out of their hands! 
this is a fun activity for the older kids as well as the younger kiddos!
we also got out the playdough this week
which we haven't done in FOREVER!
i made playdough for my daughters birthday in January
and im pretty sure that is the last time we played
and the playdough was still PERFECT!!!!
there are so many skills to be had when playing with playdough
it strengthens those fingers for writing later on in life!
parents...get out the playdough!!
we cut the plaudough, we stuck things in the playdough
a favorite is to make a "farting taco"
yes i taught the kids of they created an air bubble in the playdough
and then squeezed it would fart
we now call it the "farting taco"
i create my own problems friends!!
we did lots of rolling of the playdough
lots of throwing the playdough on the floor!
we stole each others playdough toys 
and screamed at one another to give it back!
surprisingly NO ONE ate the playdough!
one child gave it a lick but i find that to be pretty impressive!!
and honestly people who hasn't licked or tried to eat playdough
at one point in their life!
playdough is fun but always a mess and stresses me out 
just a tiny bit!
i have had helpers in the kitchen!!
the kids LOVE to help!
plucking grapes, counting out plates, cups, spoons, and forks,
setting up the tables and chairs
serving the food, ect...
the love to help!
its been crazy hot!
i have just been setting out bowls and buckets of water 
and letting the kids have fun!
and they always do if it means they can get each other wet
or themselves wet!
i also bought a bunch of water guns at target in their dollar bin
and these have been a HIT!!!
the best part about the water guns is i keep 2 in my hands and when the kids get to close
i squirt till the go running! :)
its all fun!!!
matching toddlers going bonkers in the water!!!


Monday, May 14, 2012

messy fun

i knew it was going to be a hot one today
so we headed out right after breakfast
around 8:30am

it was BEAUTIFUL!!
i really didn't want to take them back in for project time 
i brought out the paint
a bucket of soapy water
paint brushes, tooth brushes 
and an old towel i cut up

and the kids were BUSY!
painting the house
(i added dish soap to the paint so i knew the paint would come off easily)
painted the big window
(it needs to be cleaned!!!!!)
the kids think this is the coolest thing that i let them paint the big window!
playing in a soapy bucket of water
oh, hello little friend!
today was not only childcare but puppycare 
we had a little visitor for a couple days and we will be so sad to see her go!
she was an excellent dog!!
these two boys were soaked!!  and loving every single minute of it!
i think as long as they have a car or a bucket of water they are content!
soapy bucket of water is a treat!
work in progress before the kids decided it was time to wash it all off!
more painting and brushing going on!
i would have never guessed that 
dish rags in soapy water+ toddlers = happy busy boys!
wringing out the rags was about the only thing this little man did for a good 30 minutes!
washing the house!

so friends get out some soapy paint, some soapy water and let the kids have fun making a mess and then cleaning that mess back up again!  i have a feeling this will become a weekly project at this daycare!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

another garden

i had no plans today
wasn't really sure what i was going to do to break the day up
so as i stood in my storage area staring at everything
coffee filters caught my eye

that is when this vision came to my mind

and this is how we got there
i spotted the markers and the coffee filters and thought 
we have not done this activity in almost  year so i thought it was time
working on some fine motor skills by getting those lids back on the marker!
my wonderful group of kiddos
 (not all here)
even toddlers well ONE toddler was trusted with markers
the other was choosing to eat his :)
after they coffee filter was all colored up
we sprayed them with water!
i lay down a towel because knowing kids a couple squirts of water doesn't happen!
they have to drench and soak there coffee filter!
here one is drying!
i love how the marker bleeds and it makes some pretty cool looking projects!
and here again we have our final project!

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