Friday, March 30, 2012

friday's letters

haven't blogged for a few days and i saw this cute little link up
so i thought i would sum up our week through

dear girls, i love that you let me play beauty shop with you, and that you spray my hair with water till my shirt is soaked, i also love that you want me to do your hair as well
my beautiful little princesses

dear boys, i also love that you feel left out when the girls play beauty shop and you also need a turn, so the beauty shop closes and turns into a barber shop.  where you have to get mohawks!

dear scrambled eggs squished all over my kitchen floor, i dislike you ALOT!

dear weather, you have been WONDERFUL we have enjoyed you a lot and that is why there have not been a lot of projects happening.

dear little seeds planted in dirt, PLEASE GROW, a lot of kids are expecting to see something on monday!

dear free style, you are missed dearly by your friends! we understand that you are wanted at home to be a helpful big brother, but come back soon!
this is the daycare super hero, we call him free style
his mom just had a baby and has been home a lot
the kids miss him!

Love, crazy daycare lady jill


  1. Cute! Did you plant grass?! Love that idea!

  2. Aw what cuties you have there! I love that the beauty shop turns into a barber shop :)