Tuesday, March 6, 2012

i just couldn't say no...

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its a beautiful day today!
the sun is shinning
the snow is melting
we went out and after 20mins of telling the kids NO!
i said forget it

everyone was happy, and wet!

After some much needed outdoor time
we came in for our project
We made the pig houses on Monday
so today we had to make the pigs!

What you need:
--pink paint (in my situation you will need white and red)
paper plate
and cut outs of eye, ears, and a snout

one of our final products
oink oink!

Now to figure out a way to make THE BIG BAD WOLF!

finally I leave you with this picture!
--her mom made us cake pops and I may have had a small nibble...ok I lie I had 2 possibly 3...

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  1. Hello! I found this post on a link party and I really loved it! You are doing a great job!