Wednesday, March 7, 2012

nuggets and colorful bread

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Its been awhile since we did anything food related!
When I told the kids that they were going to help make lunch they were PUMPED!
(we were slightly disappointed earlier because our slime that we made didn't turn out)
so being able to help with lunch put a smile on everyone face!

The recipe is from a blog I read and she called it
Chex Mix Chicken
it is a gluten free homemade chicken nugget!  

Now I hear people say that you will see a change in your children if you cook differently
Well today my kids NEEDED change!
In their behavior and attitude
--or maybe it was me that needed change, but for now I blame the kids--

Honestly the daycare kiddos rock but today just wasn't our day
and I know changing their diet for a day will only make them poo more not actually listen :)

anyways back to gluten free chicken nuggets!

What you need:
Chicken -- cut into nuggets
crush up chex mix.  I used the gluten free kind...hence gluten free nuggets!
I also added a little pepper and a little garlic to give them some flavor.
You can add whatever flavors you would like
for example the hubs would LOVE it if I added red pepper for a little kick!
go crazy or stay simple!
break 2-3 eggs and give them a good whip!

then find a helper or 2, to dip in the egg, then roll on the chex mix!
They will think its gross and yucky but will smile and giggle the whole time!
place the nuggets on a cookie sheet covered in tinfoil and greased!
Bake at 400 degrees for 20mins!

After we made our gluten free nuggets and they were cooking away
we painted some bread!
Say what?!? 
Paint bread...
the kids were hesitant about this!
I promised them the bread would still be ok to eat because it was 

What you need:
food coloring
NEW paint brushes
WHITE bread

here is the milk with some food coloring in it!
"painting" our bread
lots of colorful bread being created!
our YUMMY lunch!!  
Toasted colorful bread, gluten free chicken nuggets, and some fresh fruit!

Hopefully after nap I have a better attitude!!
and the kids have better behavior!
Happy Wednesday!

Go make something with your might turn your day around!

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