Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a rainbow game

some of my kids are getting older 
so I have been trying to incorporate some projects
that are challenging for them
but yet my smaller kiddos can still do...
this has been challenging for me
but yet i know i need to do this for the kids

what you need:
a picture of a rainbow
a rainbow dice
(i made this one)
a regular dice
small pieces of paper--colors of the rainbow
a paper plate for the younger kids
--each side of the "dice" was a color of the rainbow!--

for our game the kids would roll the rainbow dice
and then the numbered dice
if the rainbow dice landed on orange
and the numbered dice landed on 5
they would have to glue on 5 orange pieces
while the older kids are busy with this game
the younger kiddos
are gluing rainbow pieces of paper to a paper plate!
simple, easy, but yet they are busy!
babies + sticky paper plate = lots of laughs for me!
(and maybe a little frustration for them)
and those kids that are to old to have a paper plate 
but not old enough to count or know all their colors
well they just got a rain bow
sat with the older kids and did what they wanted
i always find that they try their best to follow the older kids
They also sit and listen to them talking about colors and numbers
everyone is learning

Does anyone out there have multiple age groups?
What do you need to meet the needs of everyone involved?
I would love to hear your ideas!
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  1. Hi Jill!! I found your blog from a comment that you made on my blog and I love it!! I have kids of different ages but I mostly deal with the age group of 2. I love your ideas and the way you try to make it work for all! The idea of the game is great!