Thursday, March 1, 2012

one fish, two fish...

It has been awhile since I last blogged.
This cold that my family got
has KNOCKED us out!!
The hubby didn't move for 48 hours
Then my daughter and I took a turn of about 36 hours...
Today I am open but the nose is on a constant drip
The ears are ringing!
(today a little girl said "My birthday isn't very far away!"  I heard "The birds are very far away!")
and the throat is scratchy!
Dr. Suess MUST be celebrated!!

Today we read a couple Suess books
and then we made our own fish bowl!

What you will need:
-corn syrup
-blue food coloring
-paint brushes
-1 paper plate per child
- fish cut outs
-finger paint
-cling wrap

I had seen a few ideas for one fish two fish and took them all to make my own!

I saw one fish bowl off of pinterest where the top of the paper plate was cut off flipped and used as the base of the fish bowl!  GENIUS!!

another pinterest idea was using corn syrup to paint "the water"

this was a small challenge since it was a little difficult to spread the thick sticky stuff around!!

obviously we can't have an empty fish bowl so fish needed to be added!
Finally cover the fish bowl in cling wrap because you see
--well it probablly does but takes way to long so thats why we cling wraped ours!--

This was our day of one fish, two fish!

There are soooo many ideas out there to celebrate Dr. Suess, wish I had time to do them all!!

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