Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sat on her tuffet

i actually had to look up the word tuffet today
for years i thought tuffet was a word for 
butt, bum, bottom...ya know what i am talking about
i was wrong
its a piece of furniture
a low stool 
usually wooden
learn something new everyday!
and in case you are from NYC 
there is a cheese/meat/bar
called TUFFET

back to little miss muffet
sitting on her tuffet
i hope you all know how this goes

well we decided miss muffet needed our help catching all those spiders
so she would not be freighted.
so we "caught" them and put them in a jar!
You can find the jar HERE
we just dipped our thumbs in black paint and then added 8 legs
easy, fun, and the kids thought it was sooo funny!
after we caught all those spiders in the jar
we found more spiders hiding in the "rocks"
the "rocks" is a mixture of mixed beans that 
i got at our local grocery store
the kids found 15 more spiders!
besides the spiders all you daycare providers and moms
NEED to go out and buy some mixed bean soup 
pour them in a tub of some kind
give them spoons, lids, measuring cups
BUSY for 35mins!
and in my mind
anything that last for more than 5 mins is worth trying!!
yes it made a mess!
and some kids might try a bean or two, or possibly a hand full.
but don't worry if you have a child that likes to clean 
give them a dust pan and that becomes 
more fun than the actual beans!
thankfully i got a kiddo that enjoys cleaning!

after naptime we then made a GIANT spider to frighten  
our moms and dads with...

we didn't but the kids thought it would be a great idea 
When I was gathering the materials for our spiders
i said "lets make big giant spiders on these paper plates."
notice the giant spider on the paper plate!
smart girl!!
although we learned a lesson 
a spider has 8 legs TOTAL
not 8 legs on each side!
and then she realized oh no one else is making an actual spider on their plate
so she painted the whole thing black!
silly girl!  I loved her big spider!!

now the lesson to be learned here friends is:
a tuffet is a wooden stool
beans make kids happy
teach children to clean
spiders have 8 legs
frighten means to be scared
(these are things i learned and kids learned!)

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