Monday, March 26, 2012

Humpty Dumpty

the kids have been into nursery rhymes
these past few weeks

so today we did a little project on
humpty dumpty

the kids find this little rhyme 
to just be to funny

I found a nice little printable from HERE
it is a color by number
something the kids have never done before at daycare
so we went over the numbers 
and the colors
 and made a little cheat sheet
then the kids got busy!
this was another great activity that the older ones followed the directions
and the younger ones could color as they wanted!
I love finding activities where each child can work at their own comfort level!
and since we were talking about eggs being cracked
and numbers
I quickly whipped up a little puzzle for the kids to do
i made two different sets so that way the kids couldn't just much the color
they had to actually look at the numbers, color, and the way the egg was cut apart!
as they found matches as I asked them to tell me what number was on the egg.
some kids were quick to answer while others had to count the dots!
It was a GREAT activity for my 3, 4, and 5 year olds. 
I felt as though it meet all their needs!
they cheered when they were finished saying 
"we put all the humptys back together again!!"

tomorrow we will be doing another nursery rhyme activity!
i honestly haven't decided which one it will be yet :)

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