Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Up Up and AWAY!

today we started about things in the sky
birds, airplanes, helicopters, kites, hot air balloons, 
and my kiddos even said
garbage on a windy day 
that made us sad!

because we have been talking about things in the sky
I whipped up a hot air balloon for the kiddos to design
i cut out a balloon, some people, and a basket
we used tissue paper to decorate the balloon, and crayons to decorate our people!

I told the kids that it was my dream to fly in a hot air balloon!
The kids thought it was a good a idea if we ALL did it!
I told them flying in a hot air balloon would cost a lot of money!
"like going to disney world?" asked a child
I replied not as much as going to Disney World but that I would have to save my money 
to take all the kids on a hot air balloon ride!
"i have some dollars at my house you can have!" SOOOOO SWEEETTTTT!!!!!!
 i told him that was very sweet but to save his own money for something special!
the same child then said
"good thing we are making hot air balloons because that doesn't cost lots of money and we can just pretend to go for a ride!"
Seriously I LOVE these kids and how their little minds work!!!
the babies colored their hot air balloons, and then destroyed them by ripping, and eating them
seriously babies when will you learn art project tools are not for eating! 
here are some of the finished products ready for a fabulous journey above our daycare!

I have seen other hot air balloons where a picture of the kiddo was cut out and in the basket!
but I went with a more simple method of just letting the kids make themselves or however they wanted!

because of my freshly painted walls I fear hanging stuff up with tape
so how do you do you display your child's art work?
please leave a comment with your simple solutions!


  1. I saw on PINTEREST.. Get a curtain rod, curtain rings with clips, and hang them up! Or use string and use clothespins to hang the pictures! Even label the clothespins with the kids names :)

  2. This activity is lovely! I love how kids decorated their balloons! Now on hanging kids arts I use a string hang on two walls and hang the kids art with clothespins. We also have a board and pins. If you have none of these I use blue-tack to hang them on walls (it is vey easy to find and it rarely takes off the paint). I hope I helped you!

  3. This may make me sound like the dumb male on the blog, but would painter's tape work? :)