Friday, January 6, 2012


Anybody else out there think Peguin are just cute, odd, strange little animals!
I love them!

I am having a hard time embracing "winter activities" 
because winter just has not arrived yet.
Yesterday, it was 55 plus degrees outside!
For January thats CRAZY!!!!!

So we have been painting with bright colors because the sun is shinning!

but after my little rant from yesterdays post 
I did do a "fun craft"
It was teacher led, teacher directed, BUT
the kids did the work!

So here are our cute little penguins (were you wondering why I was talking about penguins?)

my inspiration!!!

are they not just the cutest little penguin you ever did see??

Is your winter a little odd as well??
Are you having a hard time getting into the winter spirit with no snow and warm weather!?!


  1. These penguins are adorable! I just pinned them!

    Criss-Cross Applesauce

  2. The penguins are cute, and look like a great way to talk about shapes too!

    And yes...we went from 24 degrees (with windchill making it feel like 14) and a few inches of snow at the beginning of the week, to taking a walk in our fall jackets and jumping in mud puddles in the 60's today!!


  3. Adorable penguins! I love how they each look a little different from each other :-)

  4. very cute and look at the concentration on those faces!