Friday, March 16, 2012

the dirty kid and some sidewalk chalk paint

That was a LONG title
(i apologize now this is a long post with a lot of pics!)
First off sidewalk chalk paint
add this to your 
"things i need to do this summer" list
your kids will thank you!
"my" kids said 
"this is the best day ever!"
(didn't think i would hear that pharse considering the morning we had!)
equal parts corn starch and water
add food coloring 
(i used LOTS!)
NEEDS to be stirred well!!!
I made a big batch and then poured into muffin trays and then added the food coloring!
You will need paint brushes as well!
Then set outside and let the kids paint the sidewalk!
This was a SERIOUS hit!!
we also dipped our chalk into bowls of water 
and wrote with it
gives a bright color
and draws smoother!
dip dip dip dip, oh forgot I was suppose to be painting
dip dip dip dip
what are we doing again...
we had multiple bowls of all different colors scattered over the driveway!
the kids were sooo busy painting, splattering!
(i did remind parents to send "junk clothes" so i didn't ruin anything nice!)
some of our creations
the color wasn't as bright as I had hoped
but there is another chalk paint recipe I hope to try out later this summer
when one child makes a square...they ALL make squares!
i love how they squat into their positions!
doesn't matter if it spills because its sooo easy to just make more!!
we had lots of spills because of a certain toddler!
busy busy busy!
 last night my husband commented that
I am giving my readers a bad impression of our son/or my parenting 
he is "the dirty kid"
You know what I am talking about
that kid that goes into a white room that is spotless 
but manages to come out covered in dirt and mud.
that is my son!
he is "the dirty kid"
he will hopefully be very proud of that title someday!
but for now
I apologize to his future teachers
this picture gives no justice to how dirty this kid was! 
he was the toddler spilling EVERYTHING
then sitting in it
he was the happiest toddler EVER
and that is saying a lot considering we call him
grumpa lumpa
My husband will frown at this post and how dirty his son is 
but my thought is
he is not hurting anyone or anything 
(other than maybe a pair of pants and a couple shirts)

so go out get some cornstrach, paint brushes (i used wider brushes so kids could see results quicker)
and some food coloring and let your kids paint the sidewalk!

anyone else out there have "the dirty kid"?

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  1. This looks like so much fun, I must make some for my kids! I wouldn't worry so much about having a "dirty kid", I have four of them! Also, my husband comes home really dirty sometimes too, he's a farmer! Thank you so much for sharing the sidewalk paint, I can't wait to make some!!!! Blessings, Lisa