Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hey, are we going to paint with...

So I have been collecting lids to everything, and I had a pile of them sitting on my counter after unloading the dishwasher.  I sent one of the kids to the kitchen to put a sippy cup in the fridge and when she came back down she hollered "Hey, are we going to paint with all those fun lids on the counter?"  Well I actually wasn't planning on it but since she brought it up...YOU BET!!!
So today we painted with lids! -- If you haven't noticed yet we paint with EVERYTHING and the kids have picked up on this and have started finding stuff and asking "Hey can we paint with..." 

Here are some pics of the kiddos painting with lids!

After the painting was done, I usually get stuck with clean up duty,
But today I had 2 volunteers that cleaned their little hearts out!
I love having the kids help with clean up! 
I usually get yippies and horrays, but as the kids get older I get grumbles and sighs! If only the yippies and horrays would last forever when it comes to cleaning and chores!

Do your kids have daily/weekly chores?

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