Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shaving Cream

Did you know that shaving cream will not only give your man a clean shave but provide hours of entertainment to your children!  (FYI: A friend informed me hyvee is having a oneday sale on monday and their shaving cream is super cheap!!  STOCK UP!!)

We startedout the morning by doing shaving cream art!  Its fun, messy,makes your house smell like a man (clean man) and their is a little color mixing going on!
I didn't get good pictures of this because i forgot and the kids were to excited and i was to late in getting the pics...
But all you need is a surface (the food coloring will stain so I used tin foil as an easy clean up surface), shaving cream, food coloring, something to "stir" the shaving cream with and something to squigy the shaving cream off.
Here are the pics that I have of our fun project!
 Stir up shaving cream and food coloring.
press paperdown into shaving cream.
 use something to squigy off the shaving cream...i used our kids dust pan (yes I have the kids clean up the mess they leave under their area of the table after meals.)
Here is one of the kids scrappin off the shaving cream!
 Final product!
its fun and makes a pretty cool design!
After "art" was done onto a writing lesson...with shaving cream!!

Here are some photos of the kids working on their writing skills!  We made LOTS of shapes, we made each letter of the kids names that were at the table and then they just got to have fun and make whatever their little hearts desired!
 Everyone was a little hesitant to touch the shaving cream so of course i dove right in smearing it all over the table and the kids jumped in right after that begging for more and saying they were running out!  Its very messy but super easy clean up!!  and if you buy the super cheap stuff (we are talking dollar tree) the smell isn't over powering! (notice Eli trying to get in on the fun!)
 getting messy!! 
This girl will eat dirt, play in the mud, pick up worms, but was SUPER hesitant about this...whats up with that!!
 working on letters!  I found it interesting that making the letter A was easy for everyone but making a triangle was a stuggle, i guess we will have to keep working on that!

EVERYONE LOOK AT JILL AND SAY CHEESE!  almost everyone:)  I LOVE these kids!!

Till Then, Peguin!

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