Saturday, October 1, 2011


I know you are all very disappointed to not see a Friday Felt Blog, but it was a VERY busy day yestraday and by the time I sat down last night I wasnt in the mood to go down to my daycare and pick a felt story out all I wanted to do was sit!  I am sorry!  Next week I will share TWO felt stroies with you!  Hold on to your excitment!!!

Now for a little apple fun!  Yestraday the kiddos wore their pjs to daycare (sometimes my own kids and myself never get out of their pjs) anywho...everyone had their pjs on and I woke up with excitment because it was going to be a great day of movies, popcorn and snuggling!  FAIL!!!  The kids were so excited that they were wearing their pjs I don't think a single kid sat the entire day!!!  CRAZY!!!!  Knowing my kids LOVE doing projects i quickly got one together to calm them and get them to sit for 5mins. 
The other day while going through my college stuff (time to let college stuff go) I found this paper that is SUPER sticky.  Its similar to contact paper but has a lot more stick to it!! 
So I gave each kid a sheet and had them put green, yellow, and red tissue paper on.  Then I had some apples that I had cut out we placed an apple on top, I then covered it with another piece of the sticky paper and then I cut them out.  You see I don't do a lot of "teacher made art" because I am a huge fan of The ooey gooey lady.  She is AMAZING and I have been able to see her twice and I can't wait to see her again!!!!  Ooey Gooey Lady would frown upon my cutting up the kids art but sometimes I just can't help myself and I cut it up today but the finished product is so cute :) --sorry ooey gooey lady!
Here are a few photos!

natalie is showing the kids that the other side isn't sticky by trying to put a piece of paper on the back
the finsh product!

After this little 5min project the kids and I made rice krispi bars, but these were rice krispies treats with a twist!!
I have never made rice krispie treats before so I was a little nervous but found them to be very easy!
I got my ingredients and directions from here
It was fun because she used jello for the color which also gave it a very yummy twist!
The kids were VERY hesitant to do this project because i had to spray their hands with some PAM! but once one kid said ok they all followed (thank you Cole)
I do wish I would have added some red food coloring since they are a little more pink than red but the kids had fun and didn't seem to care!

They tasted very yummy since you have the jello to add a little color and flavor to it!
The kids loved eating all the crumbs and the extra tootsie rolls (maybe thats why they were so crazy)
I was very proud of my leaves since I didn't have any icing tools and just squirted out a little blob on each apple!
Next week we will be making pumpkins with orange jello!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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