Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple Stamping

My family and I went to the apple orchard this weekend and had a great time picking apples!  But while we were out searching for the best apple (i have no clue what that actually is) we found LOTS with spots, and bruises laying in the grass and so I thought to myself I am going to snag a couple of these to stamp with!  When I told Natalie this she got super excited!  Painting with food is sooo fun ya know!

So Monday rolled around and we got the Red, Yellow, and Green paint ready and I cut 3 apples in half and the kids ooohhhed and ahhhhed over the inside and the seeds, and then I remembered that when you cut the apple in the other half there would be a star in the center so we cut 2 more apples the other way and sure enough the kids went nuts over the star!!  -- then the stamping began!

of course the kids had a blast doing this and did multiple sheets of them!  I am running out of room on where to hang everything!  because if I choose not to hang certain pics the kids feelings are hurt!  So I hang EVERYTHING!
One of the finished products!

I linked up with Show and Tell  Check it out!

What projects do you do during the apple season??

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