Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Marble painting is a favorite acitivity for the kiddos, so I thought to myself how can I turn it up a notch?  Instead of an old pizza box and a couple marbles, i decided to use our baby swimming pool and balls.
easy, fun, and a little messy (espcially if a ball pops out!)

enjoy the photos...
Place some paper down in the bottom of pool, if i had thouhout this out better I would have taped it down but it still worked out just fine!
We used lots of different balls of different sizes!
Put in a variety of different colors of paint.
Pick the pool up and start rolling the balls.  We used lots of words like side to side, left to right, front to back, up and down!
Final product! 
Very fun activity and this will go on the list of things to do again!!
Toodle-loo, Kangaroo!!

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