Friday, September 2, 2011

Felt Board Friday

"I will huff and puff and BLOW your house down!"  I could do this story over and over and the kids will get the giggles each time I do!  When I did it the first time I realized no one knew the story or I was telling it a tad differently than they had heard it.  But sometimes I think we get caught up in all the new book and stories that we forgot how much fun the old ones are. 

I got my pictures from HERE!  Like the 5 Little Monkeys I just printed a copy, colored, cut, and used contact paper to protect them added a piece of felt to the back and there you have a story that brings love, laughter, and learning!

Notice that there is a girl pig, when you tell the story you must make the girl pig the third little pig that builds the strong house that does not get blown over! :)  Also the pot of water when the big bad wolf climbs down the chimney (if thats how you tell the story as there are multiple ways of telling it) you MUST make a super loud OWWWWWWWWW and throw the big bad wolf, by doing this the kids will ROAR with laughter!!  Its their favorite part!! 

Give me a hug, Ladybug!

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  1. Jill, your blog is great! You are so creative and have great ideas of what to do with kids. Thanks for sharing!