Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apples, Apples, Apples

Tis the season that kids are spending time out at the apple orchard, picking apples, eating apples, ect...
So we have been doing lots of different things with apples lately!
We did an apple collage of different colored apples and different sizes.
One may think this is a very simple activity but lots is being done in a child's brain when a child is working on a "simple" collage. 
Not only are the children working on thier fine motor skills by gluing and picking up the pieces of paper but they are also learning
- about size, texture, shapes, and location
- how to create patterns and designs
- the use of imagination and creativity

Here are a few photos:
these are the colors and sizes I used
I have a wonderful thing called the cricut!  I use it often and it cut out all these lvely apples for me!  If you don't have a cricuit and you like to do crafts, decorate, or scrap you NEED to have one or get a friend who has one!

The next acitivity we did with apples was a sorting game i made during naptime.
Sorting is a great skill!
The girls caught on right away and were able to match the words and then the colors!  The little boys needed a little direction but once they realized what was going on they also caught on to sorting and matching.
They noticed the details, likeness, and differences, they understood the concept of color, and used logical reasoning!
here are our white apples
here are the dots that i made

working together!
gluing the dots
my Natalie is a lot like her father and focused all her time on one apple!  Her focus was on green only while the other kiddos ran back and forth with all different colors!
Finished Product!

Share some of your apple activities...

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