Friday, September 9, 2011

Felt Friday!

Still got a couple hours before Friday is over, so here is my felt story for Felt Friday!

I found this cute little rhyme on pinterest.  If you haven't checked out pinterest...YOU MUST!

Back to my little rhyme that i found, its called,  Little Mouse, Little Mouse. It goes a little like this:

Little Mouse, Little Mouse are you in the Red House, ect... You do this with all the colors of the house until you find the missing mouse which is hidden under one of the houses.  The kids will have fun with the rhyme and you will keep them on their toes until the missing mouse is found!
I am pretty impressed with my art skills on this one so I hope you enjoy it!  I choose to stick with the basic colors, but you can have as many or as little as you would like! 
I haven't actually done this one with the kiddos yet but I know they are going to love it!!

Give a Kiss, Goldfish!


  1. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing! What pen did you used to draw on the felt?

  2. I have done this multiple times with my kiddos and they absolutely love it!