Friday, October 7, 2011


I promised all 5 of you readers that I would post a Felt story and not just one but two!  And even though I am really tired and would rather just close the computer and crawl into bed, I WILL post 2 different felt stories!  I hope you enjoy and I hope you make a felt story and share it with me! 

The first one is a favorite of the kids!  Its one of their favorite books and a favorite felt story!
BROWN BEAR BROWN BEAR by Eric Carle  -- if you don't know this story hit up a library or book store and check it out!  FOR REAL!!
I get the printable from here
I just printed on the correct colored paper cut, contact paper, glue on a piece of felt to the back and BAM!  you have instant fun and education!!

The second one was a lovely pinterest find!  If you haven't joined pinterest yet you are SERIOUSLY missing out!!  Soooo get to it and join pinterest like the rest of us!

here are the words to the felt story
5 little jellybeans, I wish I had more!/I’ll eat the green one, now there are 4.
4 little jellybeans, tasty as can be/I’ll eat the purple one, now there are 3.
3 little jellybeans, only a few/I’ll eat the blue one, now there are 2.
2 little jellybeans, eating them is fun/I’ll eat the pink one, now there is one.
1 little jellybean, the last one for me/I’ll eat this yellow one, I’m happy as can be.
Mmmmm, not the healthiest dinner but a tasty one!

This one is SUPER EASY to make!  It doesn't get much easier than cutting out an oval shaped piece of felt ot look like a jelly bean! 

Hope you were inspired by my felt stories and you go out and make your own!

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