Monday, October 17, 2011

lions, and tigers, and bears, OH MY!!

IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!

I have missed my kids, and I have missed blogging!
Before I left on my vacation, I invited all the daycare kiddos over to have a little Zoomobile party!  It was awesome!  I couldn't believe how well the kids sat and they LOVED all the unique animals!

Unforntely my pics didn't turn out very well and I do not remember the name of the animals!  Sorry!

The kids got to touch lots of different animals, ask questions, watch parents freak out because of the animals, and eat lots of sugary snacks! 

Enjoy the poor pictures and bad captions!
Natalie watied by the door for 30mins for the zoomobile to come!  Miss Ava was the first to arrive and she to was sooooo excited!!  (wish i would have gotten all the kids by the zoomobile!)
Miss Ashley did a FANTASTIC job!!! 
i am pretty sure this was a hedgehog!  I just remember it felt like rice :)

lots of pics of the kids petting all the different animals!

everyone sitting so nice, listening and waiting patiently to ask questions or make comments!
Then we had LOTS of yummy treats!
Oreo pops!  Oreos dipped in almond bark with sprinkles!
 Pretzels with a hug, and a candy corn on top!  Perfect Fall Treat!
 Monster Munch!  1 bag of popcorn, reeses pieces, peanuts, and candy corn covered in almond bark!  SUPER ADDICATING!  as in I have some sitting next to me as I type!!  YUMMO!!!!
pumpkin rice krspie treats!

Fun was had by all!  Everyone went home with full bellies, maybe a caviatiy or two, dirty, but most of all HAPPY!!!

Can't wait to do another daycare Family Event!

Any ideas??

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