Sunday, October 30, 2011

Balloon Craziness

Balloons are some of the cheapiest things that will bring hours of entertainment!  Just blowing up a balloon with get a child's attention!  Realeasing the air out of a balloon with bring cheers and yippies and maybe a few tears if you catch them off gaurd :)  Then when you add music, rules, and candy it becomes even that much more fun!  And this time we made paddles and the kids had a blast with the paddles!
Here are a few pics of our balloon fun!!
 paddles = paper plates with a plastic silverware tapped to the back!
 personalizing the paddles! 
finished paddles!
 don't let the balloon touch the ground!!
 lots of smiles and laughter with this acitivty
keep the balloons in the air!

We did everything from don't let the balloon touch the ground for a whole song
can only touch the balloon with your finger
bounce balloon on your head, elbow, arm, knee
use the paddles to pass the balloon back and forth between friends,
don't let Jill get your balloon! :)

We had a blast and used up lots of endergy since it was to cold to go outside! 

What do you do when its to cold to go outside?

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