Tuesday, October 18, 2011

colors and shells!

Not a very exciting title but its a quick way of summing up what we did!

I was blessed enough to take a week vacation to the beach!  Each morning while I was there I would walk the beach and collect seashells! I knew the kids would just love that I brought these shells home for them to explore! 
After everyone had gotten a turn to explore all the different shells we talked about Big, medium, and small. I took out 3 cups and wrote Big, Medium, and Small on each cup and had the kids sort the different sized shells.  The older kids had no problem with this activity, but the younger kids struggled with the "medium" cup. 
Here are a few photos of the kdis sorting the shells:
 thinking hard!
 the 3 cups, I wrote the words in the size they are so that way the children could "read" them with little to no help!  I loved how quickly all the kids picked up on this activity!
This little lady could have sat here all day doing this!  She LOVED sorting!

WHEN I SORT THINGS, I AM LEARNING...to notice details and likenesses and differences in objects and form categories, essential concepts for reading and mathematics
concepts of color, size, and shape
numerical concepts of more and less
logical reasoning

We also did a very simple but yet fun activity I call crayon bundles!
I just grouped crayons and wrapped them in a rubber band! It adds a whole new twist to coloring!  The kids really enjoyed this project but I found out the majority of my kids prefer to just color with 1 crayon at a time!  I think they felt like they had more control and could add more details!

 I love the way they are working so hard!

Well thats all for today! 

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