Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spaghetti Dogs!!!!

everyone who reads this blog
even if you don't believe in feeding your kids hotdogs
(find a healthier hotdog)
needs to try this fun out!

honestly i found these disgusting 
(i LOVE hotdogs but you couldn't pay me to eat this)
but the kids LOVED them!

what you need are hotdogs 
(we used turkey dogs, i have no idea if that is healthier but it sounds healthier)
and spaghetti 

i cut each hotdog into about 5 chunks
and broke the spaghetti in half

then had the kids wash hands
and then re wash hands 
and threaten to smell hands making sure they used soap
(a few kids went back to the bathroom) :)

then i told the kids to put 6 "dry" (uncooked) spaghetti sticks into each hot dog
they had a blast doing this all different ways 
and maybe stuck more than 6 sticks in 
and may have even tried putting more like 10-15 in! 
concentrating...this is what following the rules looks like 
she made sure each one of her hotdogs and the kids at her table 
had only 6 spaghetti noodles in each chunk!
aaaahhh this is sooo much fun!!!
(he actually looks scared)
i think he was telling me what he was doing!
working hard sticking in as many spaghetti sticks as possible 
until queen jill takes away his hotdog! :)

after the hotdogs were filled with uncooked spaghetti 
into the boiling pot of water they went!
then the kids devoured them
some of their crazy hotdog creations!
(before they were boiled)
while we were eating the kids were talking about how they were eating 
rapunzels hair, squids, an octopus, and a hair monster!

so much fun!
lunch was successful!!


  1. lol - I agree, wouldn't eat it but fun to make...I've seen it a million times but this one never gets old! They look like they were having a great time. Thanks for sharing this oldie but goodie!

  2. This looks so fun. My kids are so picky but they would probably eat this especially if they had a hand in making it. Pinning this! Vicky from