Friday, May 18, 2012


i haven't blogged all week
we really have keeping busy
enjoying the hot weather
so today i am going to photo dump 
what we did this week!
we mixed paint with cars
when you have a group of boys this activity is always a hit!
what boy wouldn't like to drive a care through a pile of paint 
and then all over the table!!
my little toddlers REALLY enjoyed this and made all 
sorts of car sounds!
and then screamed when i pried the cars out of their hands! 
this is a fun activity for the older kids as well as the younger kiddos!
we also got out the playdough this week
which we haven't done in FOREVER!
i made playdough for my daughters birthday in January
and im pretty sure that is the last time we played
and the playdough was still PERFECT!!!!
there are so many skills to be had when playing with playdough
it strengthens those fingers for writing later on in life!
parents...get out the playdough!!
we cut the plaudough, we stuck things in the playdough
a favorite is to make a "farting taco"
yes i taught the kids of they created an air bubble in the playdough
and then squeezed it would fart
we now call it the "farting taco"
i create my own problems friends!!
we did lots of rolling of the playdough
lots of throwing the playdough on the floor!
we stole each others playdough toys 
and screamed at one another to give it back!
surprisingly NO ONE ate the playdough!
one child gave it a lick but i find that to be pretty impressive!!
and honestly people who hasn't licked or tried to eat playdough
at one point in their life!
playdough is fun but always a mess and stresses me out 
just a tiny bit!
i have had helpers in the kitchen!!
the kids LOVE to help!
plucking grapes, counting out plates, cups, spoons, and forks,
setting up the tables and chairs
serving the food, ect...
the love to help!
its been crazy hot!
i have just been setting out bowls and buckets of water 
and letting the kids have fun!
and they always do if it means they can get each other wet
or themselves wet!
i also bought a bunch of water guns at target in their dollar bin
and these have been a HIT!!!
the best part about the water guns is i keep 2 in my hands and when the kids get to close
i squirt till the go running! :)
its all fun!!!
matching toddlers going bonkers in the water!!!


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