Friday, May 4, 2012

this and that

just playing catch up
we really haven't been doing a whole lot of projects
because the weather has been so nice

yesterday we worked did some water coloring
we are making pictures for the lady who lives behind me
she is beautiful and amazing
and so good to my kids
especially when they stand at the fence
begging for flowers

here are the kids working on their water color creations

today (friday)
we spent the whole morning outside
the kids were forced wanted to pull/push me in the wagon
i may have even yelled 
"i am the queen go faster!"
its all good only one vehicle slowed to watch!
the kids gave up because they thought i was to heavy
old to be riding in the wagon! :)
at such a young age the kids learn that
if they put there feet up at a certain point there is enough 
of a hill they will coast!
queen jill is far to lazy busy 
to give the kids rides in the stroller!
toddler get to work!!
(they actually enjoy doing this!  I promise no one is forced to do anything around here)
this is what happens when the strollers wheels
do not go the way you want them to
you have a HUGE melt down!
 this is the koala bear in the "bamboo tree"
you will almost ALWAYS find a child hanging in this spot!
what a cutie!!  waiting to head to the park!
 the 3 amigos!  there is only 8 weeks between these boys! 
they were annoyed with me because i was trying to get a good picture of them all smiling and looking!
instead i just got a picture of them looking!
the whole gang heading to the park!
it was beautiful out!
I ordered pizza to be delivered to the park!
thinking this would be a fun idea!
we played in the giant sandbox also known as a sand volleyball court!
i dislike sand!
it gets in my house
in hair
in shoes
in my house
in eyes
and in my house!
they love it so i decided to let them have fun!
we did some swinging!
this is when i realized the sun went away
the clouds got darker
the temp was dropping...
4 blocks from shelter!
seriously put the camera away you crazy lady!
this made everyone giggle!
this is also when i called the pizza place and 
asked if they could move our delivery to my house instead of the park!
look at the little man on the big boy swing!

we then ran home because I was confident it was going to rain!
it didn't! the sun came out!
so after we ate our pizza we got our shoes back on
and it started raining!
so we ran in the rain for a few minutes!

now its quiet time!
and its friday!
hip hip hooray!!

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  1. Eli does NOT look like a happy camper in one of these pictures.