Tuesday, May 1, 2012

sorting and matching

sometimes i can't think of a single thing to do
i get stuck in a rut
i think i over think ideas
or try to be to creative
and forget that kids don't really care as long as we do something

so while staring at my craft area just clueless with what to do
i spotted buttons
and then i thought
matching, sorting, dumping, really whatever the kids want 
as long as they are doing something
i started off by placing one shape into each container

then i figured the kids could do what they wanted with it

and they did exactly what i was hoping they would do!
i gave the little man an ice cube tray and a handful of buttons
and let him do what he wanted as well
they were busy
we talked shapes
we talked colors

it was simple, easy, no mess, and educational!

happy tuesday!

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