Tuesday, May 22, 2012

watermelon fun!

my goal was to kick off summer with doing some fun little projects on summer food
and then that is it, my creative juices disappeared and i couldn't think of a single thing to do!
 the internet, my college school books and even PINTEREST failed me!

i searched high and low for simple fun activities for a variety of ages!

last night i saw a fun little pinterest idea but it was meant for Kindergarten and older
and i shut my computer and went to bed.

Last night i dreamed about the same project and it hit me what i could do to make it 
age appropriate for my kiddos!

Yay!  i hope this means my creative juices start flowing again!
i was in a serious funk!

 the kiddos made themselves eating a piece of watermelon!
how cute is that!!

the pinterest idea i saw was very similar to this but the kids wrote a story on the watermelon and their faces were cutout pieces and the hair was a little fancier.  i just had the kiddos draw their own faces and cut their own hair!  made it a little more fun!

circles for the head and 4 little bumps for the fingers "holding the watermelon

the watermelon and the rind 

painting the watermelon

the pieces for the hair

working on their faces!
it was funny because they were very specific on what blue or brown they needed for their eyes!

and our final product one last time!

happy tuesday!

hopefully i will be back to my old blogging ways with lots of fun summer activities!

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