Tuesday, November 8, 2011

recycled materials

If you read this blog post you will learn that we are reading the book "I Stink" and are having fun painting with "trash" its actually recycled materials but it is stuff that the garbage truck would take away.
If you have not read "I stink" you must get to it!!  Such a fun cute book!!
Anyways today we did a different but yet very fun project that again invovled mixing colors like my last post!  Its like a 2 for 1 deal over here :). 
What you need is anytype of clear plastic bottle WITH a lid, and some paint!
Then you need some kids with LOTS of energy to shake these bottles up!
What we did was paint the INSIDE of a bottle!  It really is SUPER easy, takes very little time, but yet its a new and different experience and the kids loved it!
Here are some photos:
this little guy checking his paint out after he shook it!

Yes I trusted the kids to squirt the paint in themselves
(i will admit I had a VERY difficult time doing this)

-this was MORE than enough paint!

watching al lthe colors mix together!

was somewhat annoyed that the colors he choose made pink (red and white) lesson learned! :)


showing me how he is going to shake his paint up!"

all of our different bottles and their paints!

I highly recommend this activity for younger children, children that need to use up a little energy, and chidlren that have a short attention span because if they want to be done after 5 shakes thats totally fine and if they want to hang onto it until I rip it out of their hands so they can eat their lunch...totally cool!!! 

What recycled materials do you use??

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