Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Advent Calendar

I hear and see everyone talk about their advent calendars and starting that tradition with their kids.  I have never done this before and really didn't know what an advent calendar was.  So I did a little research and came up with a whole lot of information! 
What I discovered is that an advent calendar can be what you want it to be during the holiday season, its pretty much a countdown of what is to come "an arrival"
Starting Dec. 1st I will have 17 daycare days (this doesn't include weekends and 1 other day because I am closed) so I made a 17 day advent chain link calendar.  On each link is 1 or 2 activites that we will be doing that day to celebrate this wonderful season!
Here is my list of activities:
Day 1:  Have a Dance Party and Decorate a Gingerbread Man!
Day 2:  Read to the children Matthew 1:18-25 and do a coloring page while I read.
Day 3:  Paint Christmas Ornaments while we listen to Christmas Music!
Day 4:  NO NAP DAY!  (i will regret this) make a Christmas Frame!
Day 5:  Play with Wrapping Paper and Listen to different books on Christmas
Day 6:  Watch a Christmas Movie
Day 7:  Decorate Christmas cookies
Day 8:  Make a Santa Handprint
Day 9:  Bring the Snow in to Play with! (I hope there is snow by then...not really I don't care for the snow but its all about the kids...right?!?)
Day 10:  NO SOCK DAY!  this is fun trust me!  and we will make choc. spoons!!
Day 11:  Read from the Bible Luke 2: 1-14 and make an ornament out of pipecleaners and beads!
Day 12:  Make Pretzel Snacks
Day 13:  Nativity Scene Craft
Day 14:  Open a Present (which will be a new book) which we will than read!
Day 15:  Make a button ornament!
Day 16:  Make a Reindeer Handprint
Day 17:  Read from the Bible Luke 2:15-20 and do a coloring page.

I am sure there will be more things that we add that wont be on our advent calendar but  this will keep us plenty busy!

Here is our chain link advent calendar!
I hope you enjoy our ideas and be sure to come back to check it all out!!
(hopefully I will be finding the time to document everything we do! and then some!)

Whats on your advent calendar??

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  1. What a great advent calendar! I can tell you are very in tune with what kids love. My three year old would love a no socks day, some crafts, and snacks! (Ps. I tried to leave a comment a moment ago and I'm not sure it worked so if this is a repeat, I'm sorry!)

  2. This is fabulous! I've been trying to think of ideas to put in our sock advent calendar http://theiowafarmerswife.blogspot.com/2010/12/advent-calendar_01.html Thanks for the extra ideas!! :)

  3. So cute!! A friend and I are about to make a chain calendar like this for a friend's wedding! I'm so excited!!

  4. Very fun ideas! I love seeing what other people do to get new, creative ideas =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! See you next week,
    Beth =-)