Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Painting with items that belong in the trash!

This week we have been reading "I STINK" great book!  The kids LOVE it!  They giggle, they laugh, they learn lots of new words! 
I decided to make it a little theme for the week since it is such a favorite!  Now you don't need to read the book to do this project but I jsut tied in because I thought it would be fun!
When I told the kids what we were going to paint with I think they were like "Jill, we paint with a lot of crazy things but this??" But they had a BLAST! and I am sure they will request to do it again!! 
So I finally give you...painting with a paper towel!  Yes, thats right a paper towel!  Its gave a really neat look, and I must say I have actually never done this before and was impressed with the look!
All you need is paint, something to paint on (we used white paper) and some papers towels srucnched up! 
Here are some pics of the kids hard at work!

A lot of color mixing was going on with this activity which is always fun to see the kids excitment when they see the change happen!

What things do you recycle and use again with your children and their projects?

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