Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am Hungry - Chicken on Noodles

I decided to start posting some of the food we eat around here! 
I hear the words "I am Hungry" at least 20 times a day!  I mean I will just have breakfast cleaned up and already the first kid is telling me they are hungry!  Its crazy! 
Because I am the only one that works here I am not only the childcare provider but I am also the cook (and many other titles)  I find being the cook the hardest job because I have to keep an on all the children and get the food ready for all these hungry kids!  It can be my most stressful part of the day!  But after 3 years of doing daycare I am learning to prepare in advance to make my life a little simplier!  I was tired and feeling guilty of the hotdogs, the mac n cheese, and other junk I was feeding the kids!  So after getting some inspriation from a few blogs not only to cook for my own family but my daycare family as well!  So here is my first blog post on a meal (i have done other blog posts on treats)
I have no pics because by the time I thought to take a pic the food was gone!  Which made me think to blog it! :)
I have no idea what to call this other than "yummy chicken in some cream stuff on egg noodles!"

SOOOO easy to make and super YUMMY!!

 2LBS chicken (i used 1 bag of frozen chicken breasts)
2 cans cream of Chicken Soup (duh isn't cream of something in every dish!)
1 can Cheddar Cheese (i was a little hesitant buying cheese in a can)
put everything on crockpot 6-8 hours...low
I shredded my chicken when it was done to make it easier for the little kids to eat! 
--I don't want to have to use my cpr skills anytime soon--
I served this over egg noodles (cook egg noodles according to the package!)

I normally don't eat the "daycare food" but this smelt so yummy I put it on a bun (the noodles were gone) and ate it....SOOOOOO good!!!
This is a must make for anyone, not just small kids!

I am by NO MEANS a food blogger but I know many mothers out there that struggle to feed their kids or do the fast food thing because its easier, so hopefully my little food ideas will help some mothers and other daycare providers out!  and this was easy, yummy and when kids empty their plates and ask for seconds I know its a "winner, winner, chicken dinner!"

What are some of your kids favorite meals??

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