Thursday, November 3, 2011


All over blog land and pinterest I have been seeing "the lips" and "the mustaches" and although as an adult and I went to a party and thats what they did I might say "odd!" but still do it because no one likes a fun hater!  My hubby would say "stupid" and not do it because he is a fun hater! 
Well you see I don't throw a lot of parties but I still wanted to be a part of the "cool group" so I thought my daycare kids would LOVE this idea!!!

So here is what we did:
 The boys and their kissy lips!  They thought this was the funniest thing EVER!  They couldn't stop giggling and smirking at how funny they thought they were!
Here are the girls that also found this to be super silly to have mustaches but could do a much better job keeping a straight face!

Here are a few random photos of some of the kids close up:

Also I am a bad blogger and don't have the links to were i got the lips, mouths, and mustaches...i did type "printable lips" or "printable mustaches"  into google and got these options!
They were also destroyed in one use when we do this another time we will defintly be laminating them to protect them!  They didn't survive the wet lips, the drool, the snot and everything else that comes along with kids!  :)

Happy Thursday!!

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