Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Doodle Paint!

The New Year is Here!
and I actually have the entire month of January projects picked out
planned and organized!!!
I am very proud of it!
and we will be keeping very busy over here at
babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, OH MY!!

today we did a messy little activity called 
not sure where the name came from but that is what I am calling it!

To make Doodle Paint
you will need:
Equal Parts:
flour salt and water
and then add food coloring!
mix all together with your choice of colors and give the bottle a good shake!!

I got my bottles that I used at Micheal's
(a craft store) I need about 50 more!!
Because I only had four but wanted more than four colors
I thought I would use empty glue bottles -- FAIL!
Soooo...I decided to strengthen our fine motor skills 
we would use syringes,
and the kiddos LOVED this!!

I also used a cardstock for our paper because I had a feeling if I used anything else it would soak through and ripe the paper!  Its very heavy stuff!!

Here are some pics of the kiddos hard at work!
The kids thought that the red and yellow were ketchup and mustard and asked if that was what we were painting with!  GOOD IDEA!! for another day!

TEAM WORK for those little hands!


I LOVE the way it looks as it drys!  and of course it drys raised so it has a fun texture to it!

To check out another project we did with texture click HERE!

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  1. I recently started my own daycare and a friend gave me this blog for some art ideas and I LOVE IT! you are very creative and the projects aren't that hard either (which is great for me!) THANKS and good up the great work! =)